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The concept of man versus machineis at least as old as the industrial revolution, but this phenomenon tends tobe most acutely felt during economic downturns and fragile recoveries. And yet,it would be a mistake to think we are right now simply experiencing the painfulside of a boom and bust cycle. Certain jobs have gone away for eating up humanjobs, this phenomenon will continue to restructure our economy in ways we can’timmediately foresee.

When there is exponential improvement in theprice and performance of technology, jobs that were once thought to be immunefrom automation suddenly become threatened. This argument has attracted a lotof attention, via the success of the book Race Against the Machine, byErik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, whoboth hail from MITs Center for Digital Business.

Centerfor Digital Business.

【2019英语二答案】 , 2019英语二真题答案解析

This is a powerful argument, and a scaryone. And yet, John Hagel, auther of The power of pull and other books, saysBrynjolfsson and McAfee miss the reason why these jobs are so vulnerable totechnology in the first place.

Hagel says we have designed jobs in the U.S.that tend to be “tightly scripted” and “highly standardized” ones that leave noroom for “individual initiative or creativity.” In short, these are the typesof jobs that machines can perform much better at than human beings. That is howwe have put a giant target sign on the backs of American workers, Hagel says.

It’s time to reinvent the formula for howwork is conducted, since we are still relying on a very 20th centurynotion of work, Hagel says. In our rapidly changing economy, we more than everneed people in the workplace who can take initiative and exercise theirimagination “to respond to unexpected events.” That’s not something machinesare good at. They are designed to perform very predictable activities.

As Hagel notes, Brynjolfsson and McAfeeindeed touched on this point in their book. We need to reframe race against themachine as race with the machine. In our works, we need to look at the ways inwhich machines can augment human labor rather than replace it. So then theproblem is not really about technology, but rather, “how do we innovate ourinstitutions and our work practices?”

31.According to the first paragraph, economic downturns would .

[A] easethe competition of man vs. machine

[B]highlight machines’ threat to human jobs

[C]provoke a painful technological revolution

[D]outmode our current economic structure

选B . 细节题,定位在第一句话The concept of man versus machine is at least as old as theindustrial revolution, but this phenomenon tends to be most acutely felt during economic downturnsand fragile recoveries.

对象是 man vs human 答案一定要讲到machine 与human jobs 排除C D.

AB 正好相反,选B .


32. Theauthors of Race Against the Machine argue that .

[A]technology is diminishing man’s job opportunities

[B]automation is accelerating technological development

[C]certain jobs will remain intact after automation

[D] manwill finally win the race against machine

选A. 细节题,容易,

答案定位在第一句:When there is exponential improvement in the price and performanceof technology, jobs that were once thought to be immune from automationsuddenly become threatened.

段落话题是工作与自动化,机器的关系排除B D.

A C方向相反,一定选工作不利的选项选A.

33. Hagelargues that jobs in the U.S. are often .

[A]performed by innovative minds

[B]scripted with an individual style

[C]standardized without a clear target

[D]designed against human creativity

选D. 细节题,如果不仔细定位,容易出错,定位在第一句话:

对象是creativity ,而且与之相悖。

最大干扰项选C. 错在定位信息没有 clear target这个对象,


Hagel says we have designed jobs in the U.S. that tend to be“tightly scripted” and “highly standardized” ones that leave no room for“individual initiative or creativity.”

34.According to the last paragraph, Brynjolfsson and McAfee discussed .

[A] thepredictability of machine behavior in practice

[B] theformula for how work is conducted efficiently

[C] theways machines replace human labor in modern times

[D]thenecessity of human involvement in the workplace

选D. 细节题,用排除法才能做对。不过正确选项和原文同义改写的不是很好。

定位在最后一句话:So then the problem is not really about technology, but rather, “howdo we innovate our institutions and our work practices?”,

作者否定了technology 排除A ,B

而C是rather than 后面的内容。


35. Whichof the following could be the most appropriate title for text?

[A]How toInnovate Our Work Practices

[B]Machineswill Replace Human Labor

[C]Can WeWin the Race Against Machines

[D]EconomicDownturns Stimulate Innovations

选C . 主旨题,排除法做对,否则很容易做错。

文章主题 machine 排除A D .

剩下 B C,

排除B machine会代替人非文章观点。

























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